Worried that the Bible isn’t relevant? Think culture dictates our reality?

You’re not alone.

Open-mindedness…And Other Lies is my journey from jail to missionary surgeon.

Asking those very questions, I dared God to reveal Himself.

To my amazement He answered—waiting for someone audacious enough to ask.

Trusting the Bible to be relevant, I found answers to tough questions.

  • Open-mindedness, the new Christian value…and how it leads to apostasy
  • How traditional submission and co-leadership in marriage both violate God’s plan
  • Capitalism: Jesus praises it…just not our American version
  • Learning that both “young earth” and “old earth” creationists are right…and wrong
  • How Christian beliefs in a soul protect our environment
  • How modern science supports the concept of a “soul”
  • Whether our modern “hope and change” is biblical
  • And how the five fools of Proverbs lay out Satan’s plan in a nutshell

Open-mindedness…And Other Lies confirms that the Bible is essential to engage these pretenders/enemies of your faith.